MCBA - You’ve Come a Long Way!

In 1949, when Martin County was only 24 years old, the Martin County Bar Association or the “Organization” as it was loosely called back then, was made up of only 10 members who met once a month for lunch. In 1961, the first composite photo of MCBA members - 19 at the time - was taken (see below) with subsequent updates produced every 5 to 10 years. The framed composites hang in various places in the Martin County Courthouse. The most recent was done in 2011 when our membership was 300+ strong.

 1961 MCBA Composite

2011 composite

As our membership has now reached the 500+ threshold, the Executive Board is excited to produce a 2018 Composite. Members in good standing with professional headshot photos (gray or brown backgrounds only) will be included. Check the MCBA website to see if your photo qualifies. As a reminder, Olga Hamilton, with Legal Consulting Services, Inc. attends our monthly lunches and takes exceptional photos that we can use for this initiative as well as other MCBA programs. She generously offers our members a significant discount if you want to purchase them for your unlimited marketing purposes. The deadline for inclusion is the May 11, 2018 luncheon. Contact Michelle at 772.220.8018 for more information.

We invite you to be part of the legacy!